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The Road to Medical Sales

Get my entire strategy breakdown of how to Break into Medical Sales with zero sales experience! 

What You Will Learn:

  • Module 1 - Learn how to NETWORK effectively. Templates, verbiage, and everything you need to say and do, to differentiate yourself from hundreds of people who are trying to break in.
  • Module 2 - How to build a RESUME that will land you the interview.  We provide resume templates that you can use to compare and contrast with your own, so that you are set up for success and don't get discarded as soon as the job employer sees your resume.  Our resume break-down tutorial and hands-on instruction also teaches you how to incorporate what job employers are looking for in Medical Sales candidates.
  • Module 3 - Crush the interview process and get hired!  This Module walks you through every step of the interview process from A-Z to get that job!  We walk you through talk tracks and objective handling techniques specific to the Medical Sales Industry.  These talk tracks are comprised of our own experience with breaking in over 1,000 people into the Medical Sales Industry.  We will also teach you proper follow up strategies, how to close for that interview, and everything in between.
  • Module 4 - The steps you need to take once you land the job.  This is where we teach you how to prepare for a successful career in Medical Sales. Planting seeds for the future is crucial to build lasting relationships both internally and externally.  Knowledge is power and we will set you up for success clinically.
  • Module 5 - This is where you will learn my blueprint Sales method I teach all of my students.  I will teach you how to be an effective sales rep in the medical sales arena.  Medical Sales is unlike anything else out there.  You have to be strategic and mindful with how you approach & sell to physicians.  I will teach you the best approach, so that you can build trust right out of the gate and secure your future for years to come.
  • Module 6 - Becoming the top sales rep and hitting PRESIDENT'S CLUB.  This module is dedicated to turning you into one of the top reps in the nation.  It is what I have used to hit President's club and the lessons I've learned along the way.  Skip 13+ years of figuring it out on your own and watch this module. It will change the way you think, and you will attack the territory like a seasoned veteran.


What People Are Saying:

I came into the medical device industry with no sales training at all. I understood in a general sense the importance of business relationships, product competitive advantages, sales strategy, but I didn't know what that actually LOOKED like yet. Scott took it upon himself to show me first hand how to effectively bring value to the medical device industry. Anywhere from day-long sales calls, phone calls at 9pm the night before a tricky case, to seeing what a passion for big vision truly looks like. Now I've been more prepared for this new career than I ever thought I would.

Jonathan Lutz